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Comedian Shaun Eli on stage at the Emelin Theatre
Comedian Shaun Eli on stage at the Emelin Theatre

Clients love our comedians & praise our professionalism, on & off stage. Also great for your seminar, trade show or exposition. Advice is free!

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Stand-up comedy makes for a great, fun evening or afternoon your clients will love. Year after year. We make them laugh… You get all the credit!sm

Wharton-educated founder of The Ivy League of Comedysm Shaun Eli Breidbart worked in marketing, corporate finance and portfolio & risk management for almost twenty years while building up his comedy writing and stand-up comedy credentials, so he should understand your business.

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We work with a select group of hand-picked professional clean corporate comedians. From four different Tonight Show hosts to patients & their families at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center to international banks and top law firms to embassies and even the U.S. Army War College— they’ve all loved our clean comedians! And so will you and your clients, customers & guests.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, creativity and originality, not on making fun of the CEO or your company.

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More than just a clean comedy show, The Ivy League of Comedysm offers several features not available anywhere else.

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Virtual Comedy

Comedian Shaun Eli on stage at a New York theatre
Comedian Shaun Eli on stage at a New York theatre

We’re great at virtual shows! We’ve been doing them since the beginning of the pandemic. I’m writing this in December 2021, so it’s been a year and a half since I started doing virtual shows. I’ve long figured out how to work the new medium. Some of the corporate virtual shows I’ve done have been among the most fun I’ve had on stage, or whatever you call sitting in my office chair talking to a flat piece of glass.

Some virtual comedy testimonials (more information on virtual comedy continues below the testimonials):

Novartis logo“Shaun, Many thanks again! The team really enjoyed your performance and deeply appreciated the additional time you spent sharing your personal story and perspective.
Wishing you only success”
Jeremy Sohn
VP, Global Head of Digital BD&L, Partnerships, & Innovation

Foundation for Special Surgery logo, a green heart with a smiley face“Shaun, you were great to work with and we appreciate all the help planning comedy for our event. Wali Collins did an outstanding job for our virtual fundraising event! We all just loved the way he interacted with the participants. We are still getting in donations… some people were donating out of their IRAs. We are definitely going to do both a virtual and a live event in the future. And we would certainly like to work with Wali again. He was great.”
Pamela Sofola, CPA
Director of Development
Foundation For Special Surgery

Equal as One logo“Shaun, the virtual comedy performance was great! Your comedian Wali Collins was amazing, as I knew he would be. I was really impressed with how smoothly it all went over Zoom. We exceeded our fundraising goal, and we’ve gotten great feedback about the stand-up show. We will definitely be working with you again at our next event! THANK YOU!!”

Nikki Nwobodo, PA-C
Treasurer & Volunteer Coordinator
Equal As One, INC

Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs logo

I want to thank you again for the wonderful set and for the post-performance Q&A session that you did for the FJMC virtual International Convention. We had a huge challenge when we decided to go with a virtual convention in how we were going to deliver entertainment to our 600 attendees. You made that process extremely easy. Your virtual stand-up comedy was hilarious and our members really loved hearing about your process and how the world of comedy works. All of your work made the event a huge success. The feedback we received from our members was all so positive and made the entertainment portion of the convention a huge hit.
I look forward to getting a chance to work with you again in the future – whether it be virtual or in-person.”
Douglas Segerman
Programming Chair
2021 FJMC International Convention

The pandemic has been tough on our industry as just about all live entertainment shut down. We started doing outdoor shows and shows over the web. At first it was tough- it’s not just the comedian who needs to hear the laughter. Audience members should hear other people laughing. Laughter is contagious and it spreads better when it’s contained. I’ve said that the secret to comedy is 100 people in a room that holds 70. That’s why comedy clubs are cramped and have low ceilings. So laughter can echo.

At outdoor shows the laughter dissipates. People have fun but it’s best if they can also hear how much fun everyone else is having. Comics are used to telling a joke, hearing a few people laugh immediately and then watching laughter spread until the whole audience is laughing. When we started doing virtual shows it was tough- we’d hit a punchline, pause for laughter and not hear any. So we’d start talking again.

And that was the wrong thing to do. Because of the short time delay inherent in Zoom and other on-line meeting platforms, we needed to pause. Not resume talking. In comedy we call that stepping on your laughter. It’s bad to resume talking while people are still laughing. They want to hear what we have to say so they stop laughing. It’s essentially training the audience to laugh less. And obviously that’s bad.

With the time delays introduced by virtual shows a comedian would tell a joke, not hear a laugh, and then start talking again. We had to learn how to perform with very different timing. Tell a joke. Then shut up. A few people will laugh but it may take a second for that to be heard by everyone else. Then they laugh but that will also take another second to be heard. So… tell a joke, count to three in your head, wait for the laughter.

This wasn’t so hard for me because I have one joke where the silence is the actual punch line. So I’m used to telling that joke… then waiting. Sometimes I have to wait 2 or 3 seconds for the audience to understand that the silence is the point. It seems like forever but I know they’re going to laugh.

While I hope this mess is over soon I realize that even after the pandemic there will still be a use for virtual shows. You may not be able to hire a comedian to come to your event for just a few hundred dollars. But if you’re having a virtual event you can still have great, fun entertainment that is inexpensive and affordable. And in a way it’s easier for the audience to interact virtually because if they’re at home in front of their screen they aren’t physically surrounded by co-workers and management. I’ve seen people seem much looser virtually than I would expect in-person. Of course they could have been drunk the whole time. You can’t smell alcohol over the web and I’m sure there are filters that will hide your red eyes. 

Even for a live event or meeting you can have an affordable pro comedian perform for, and interact with, your group. Email for details- advice isn’t inexpensive, it’s free!

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