Shaun Eli on stage at Cape Town Comedy Club in South AfricaThe country’s top clean stand-up comedians from The Ivy League of Comedysm will thrill your theatre or performing arts center audience with our clean & clever comedy. 9 reasons to book our stand-up shows:

  • Is your mission to present a wide variety of affordable live entertainment programming to your community?
  • To support the vibrant and diverse cultural life of your area?
  • To serve your neighbors by making the arts accessible to the population?
  • To provide high-quality artistic programming and support the development of excellence in artistic endeavors?
  • To be a leading center of culture in the community?
  • To be a partner in the creation of new and innovative programming?
  • To inspire audiences to think & to challenge, reinvent or invigorate traditional cultural ideas?
  • To appreciate and embrace the power of the performing arts to instigate positive change in the world?
  • And of course to Turn a Profit in Order to Sustain Your Venue for the Future!

The Ivy League of Comedysm fulfills all those goals!

        (and we’re a boat-load of fun!)

Our clean and clever comedy shows will meet all of your objectives and far exceed your expectations while entertaining your audience with smart and original content!

We can structure our fee in several different ways, depending upon your needs and house size.

Our comedy shows have minimal tech requirements, just turn on the lights and sound, that’s all we need. No sets to build, no follow spots, no fancy sound effects. And if you have a dark night during a week of production we can fill your calendar- just close the curtains, we stand in front and perform.
(No curtains? Still no problem. We just stand in front and put on a great show!)
Free help to get started!

We make them laugh… You get all the credit!sm

Wondering why you haven’t seen us at APAP? The cost- to keep our shows affordable we can’t spend $5000 on marketing!

Let’s get started. Call, write or email:
Shaun Eli Breidbart

Comedian & Executive Director
The Ivy League of Comedysm
Liberty Comedy Corp.
P.O. Box 360H
Scarsdale, NY 10583
Call or text us at (914) it’s-funny (914) 487-3866
Shaun {at} TheIvyLeagueofComedy {dot} com