Church Comedy Night? Hire The Ivy League of Comedysm, America’s top clean and appropriate standup comedians. Expert performers for all types of organizations.

Clergy & lay leaders and their congregants praise our superb professionalism, on and off stage.

Stand-up comedy makes a superb and affordable evening (or afternoon) of fun & community spirit you and your congregants will love. Year after year.

Studies have shown that people value experiences more than we value possessions. The pleasure we get from buying something new wears off very quickly but pleasurable experiences live on in our memory. A comedy show is a great, fun experience!

More than just clean comedy, The Ivy League of Comedysm offers several features not available anywhere else— ask for details.

Shaun Eli seated at Broadway Comedy Club
Comedian Shaun Eli poses for a portrait at the Broadway Comedy Club in New York City on July 13, 2021.

We work regularly with a few dozen professional stand-up comedians. Not hundreds and certainly not thousands- if somebody says they work with thousands of comedians how much do they really know about any of the comedians? Are the comedians keeping their acts up-to-date? The head of The Ivy League of Comedy is a stand-up comedian who works regularly with his comedian colleagues and appears along with them at most of our shows. He knows how to structure a line-up, whose material works best with, or conflicts with, or overlaps with, who else’s. You don’t get that personal level of detail working with a big generalist agency.
We work with only a select group of hand-picked pro comedians.
From four recent Tonight Show hosts to patients & their families at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center to embassies, senior citizens groups and even the U.S. Army War College— they’ve all loved our comedians!                  And so will you and your congregation.

Ivy Stand-up: The Ivy League of Comedysm is run by a Wharton-educated, award-winning economist turned stand-up comic. Call or write for information on how The Ivy League of Comedysm can

● Help you raise funds
● Build community spirit and togetherness
● Enhance your special events
● Use entertainment to add more fun to your church

We can also emcee & enhance your church’s Singles Night with special guidelines & expertise. Here is some information we put together for a Synagogue Singles Night that’s also applicable to churches, more or less.

We make them laugh… You get all the credit!sm

A lot more information on hiring comedians for a church comedy night

Invest in your happiness! Have a comedy show

Let’s get started. To reserve a date or to ask questions call, text or email:
Shaun Eli Breidbart

Comedian & Executive Director
The Ivy League of Comedysm
Liberty Comedy Corp.
phone (914) It’s Funny (914 487-3866)
Shaun {at} TheIvyLeagueofComedy {dot} com
And ask about our special and unique multi-church discount.