Laughing With The Stars!

Fundraising Comedy Class to Benefit Your:
Favorite Charity
House of Worship

In just 3 three hour classes taught by pro comics you learn

  • How to structure a joke
  • What makes YOU funny- How to turn stories from your own life into stand-up comedy
  • Proper stage presence and what NOT to do on stage
  • How to turn stories from your own life into stand-up comedy
  • How to use nervousness to your advantage
  • Become a better public speaker
  • Gain confidence that will help your business presentations
  • Learn in a supportive environment

and best of all, at the end of the course you will perform a 4-5 minute routine
in a show alongside professional comedians with the proceeds going to benefit your organization!

Earn the admiration of friends, the respect of strangers and receive a professional HD video of your performance.

We can structure the class two different ways:
Your organization pays for the course itself and it’s free for the participants, or
the participants pay tuition for the course and you pay nothing.

For more details or to sign up email Shaun Eli (Shaun {at} TheIvyLeagueofComedy {dot} com) or call or text us at (914) it’s-funny (914) 487-3866.
Shaun Eli on stage at the Emelin Theatre in NY
Shaun Eli on stage at the Emelin Theatre in NY

Bring our comedy classes to your office!

8 Reasons To Use Comedy in Business

  • Improve corporate culture
    Managers demonstrate humility with self-deprecating humor
    Co-workers learn about each other in an environment free from business pressures
  • Presentation skills benefits
    Practice speaking in a supportive environment

    Learn how to harvest positive energy from nervousness
  • Happier employees = lower turnover
    Employees grow more comfortable with even difficult co-workers as they bond in comedy school
    A company that’s not “all-business” is seen as supportive and more fun to work for

    Co-workers and managers laughing with you is a source of encouragement and positive feedback
  • Team building and cooperation
    Laughter is a shared experience that brings people together

    Learn about how your co-workers think and approach problem-solving
  • Interactions with clients and prospects
    Humor makes you warmer and more approachable

    Humor bridges difficult issues by stepping back from conflicts
  • Improvisation = Learning to think fast on one’s feet
    Adjusting on-the-fly to client questions, demands, and incorrect assumptions

    Learn valuable listening skills in order to think and respond to what’s actually being asked
  • Reading audiences and making adjustments based on nonverbal feedback
    Body language and facial expressions often communicate what a person is actually thinking, in contrast to what they’re saying
  • Storytelling and authenticity are highly coveted in today’s marketplace
    Selling is seen as negative but storytelling and brand-building are positives


Types of Comedy and How They Benefit You and Your Organization

  • Anecdotal stand-up teaches storytelling and engagement skills
  • Observational stand-up builds rapport by finding common ground
  • Improvisational stand-up is the foundation of all other styles
  • Self-deprecating humor makes you warmer and more approachable
  • Put-down humor teaches execs to avoid taking themselves too seriously
  • Group improvisation teaches listening skills and teamwork
  • Sketch comedy teaches revision and rehearsal techniques
  • Writers’ room teaches teamwork and acceptance


Two of our instructors
Corporate Comedian and instructor Clayton Fletcher smiling
Clayton Fletcher
was seen on ESPN as he finished 27th (out of 7800 players) in the World Series of Poker. He can be heard every day on Sirius/XM Radio’s Laugh USA, Blue Collar Comedy, and Jamie Foxx’s Foxxhole stations. Clayton lives in New York City and performs throughout the USA, Europe, Australia, and the Caribbean. Named ‘Best of the Fest’ at the Stockholm Comedy Festival, Clayton has been featured on Hulu-TV’s “Comedy Brew,” MSNBC’s “Your Business,” and Comcast-TV’s “Who’s Laughing Now?”

 Read the Inc. Magazine article on Clayton’s comedy workshops
Corporate Comedian and instructor Shaun Eli on stage at Gotham Comedy Club Comedian Shaun Eli has headlined shows on five continents and has been profiled in The New York Times. Jay Leno said that Shaun Eli writes the kind of smart comedy he likes to use in his opening monologue. Whether it’s a story about dining with a vegetarian or successfully fighting a parking ticket, from hybrid cars to serving on a NYC criminal jury, Master Storyteller Shaun Eli shows you that there’s hilarity in the ordinary if you approach life with a comedic warp. Contractors? European vacations? The dearth of anti-Semitism in Northern Ireland? How about the Ten Commandments? For just about anything he’s experienced Shaun has a hilarious story at the ready.


To arrange for comedy instruction for your organization from our professional stand-up comedians please contact Shaun Eli: Shaun (at) BrainChampagne dot com Call or text us at (914) it’s-funny   (914) 487-3866


Some praise for Clayton Fletcher’s Comedy Classes

“If you had told me that I would ever be on a stage doing stand up comedy I would have told you that you were nuts but after three classes with Clayton Fletcher I indeed had the confidence and ability to do just that. This class was truly amazing and a giant leap in gaining confidence as a performer.”
John Newsome

“This class was stupendous! Clayton is abundantly kind but still razor sharp when it comes to comedy. He knows his craft and he’ll make sure you know it too. He sets you up for great success at the mic and gives you the knowledge, skills, and support to move forward. This is a great class for actors too because it teaches you how to listen and react better than any “acting” class I’ve ever taken… If you’ve ever dreamed about doing standup, take this class. You will not regret it.”
Fannie Cohen

“I would recommend this class to anyone who thinks stand-up could be fun to do! Clayton cultivates a warm, positive and supportive environment for everyone to try out their material, and then gives feedback on how to improve. It really was an amazing experience!”
Jackie Byrne

“Aside from the fact that Clayton is amazing at breaking down what is basically the Art of Stand Up Comedy, the skills that you learn from him are invaluable across the board in life. You learn how to look at your own life experiences and understand what makes you funny and how you can use that to bring laughter to an audience of people you’ve never met before. Additionally, you learn how to write your own material, which is a skill that EVERYONE should learn. Clayton also explains how being nervous actually helps your performance and I’ve noticed changes even in my audition technique, not just my stand up performances. Once again, Clayton is way pro and this class is a must take if you want to be a well rounded performer. It’s the real deal.”
Kwabena Ampofo


Some praise for Shaun Eli

“Wow! … OMG! …. hilarious!” That’s just a sample of what folks were saying about you as they left the theater. Thanks, Shaun, for a truly awesome show. We look forward to having you back in the very near future!
Barbara Jurgelas
Comedy Booker
Playhouse on Park Theatre

“We’re always thrilled to have Shaun Eli host our Comedy Fights Cancer shows– he’s warm, hilarious and great with the patients and their families. His professionalism and brilliance always shine.”
Abby Russell
Comedy Fights Cancer

“You’re wonderful! Bless you for coming! This is the first time in three months I’ve seen my wife smile.”
Husband of a cancer patient after a show at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
(the hospital’s strict patient confidentiality policy prohibits even asking for a name)

“You were the most talked-about part of our group’s trip to NYC- everyone had such a wonderfully hilarious evening. We all appreciated your ability to interact with a very diverse audience, military officers and diplomats intermixed with New Yorkers and visiting tourists from all over, and still keep your material fresh, clever and relevant to everyone. People who’ve made a career out of slogging through mud while under fire aren’t going to be offended by dirty words, but they still marveled at your friendly and professional ability to rock the room without the use of foul language or vulgar content. I would recommend you to any group seeking entertainment.”
Jiyul Kim
Colonel, U.S. Army
Director of Asian Studies
U.S. Army War College


To arrange for comedy instruction for your organization from our professional stand-up comedians please contact Shaun Eli: Shaun (at) BrainChampagne dot com Call or text us at (914) it’s-funny   (914) 487-3866