Comedians for Government and Military Groups and Organizations

The Ivy League of Comedy’s clean stand-up comedy shows are excellent for government and military groups and organizations.

Clean stand-up comedian Shaun Eli on stage at a New York theatre, smiling down at the audience
Comedian Shaun Eli on stage at a New York theatre

I’m Shaun Eli, the group’s founder. I’m the son of a former Internal Revenue Service agent (yeah, I know…) who was a combat infantryman in World War II. I’m proud of my father- he brought down the head of one of America’s largest corporations for tax fraud. It’s a great story. Unfortunately it’s not a funny story so I don’t talk about it on stage. That’s me in the photo, and the reason my left hand looks weird is that it’s holding a mic stand. But the mic stand is black so you can’t see it in the photo. I’ve been a professional comedian since 2003 and before that I was working as a free-lance comedy writer.


We pride ourselves on clever, original material, not on making fun of our audience. Especially if they’re public servants.

We make our shows especially affordable when you’re spending our tax money!

A few of us have worked for the government, have served in the military or are children of members of the military. Some of us are former attorneys.

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U.S. Army War College logo“You were the most talked-about part of our group’s trip to NYC- everyone had such a wonderfully hilarious evening. We all appreciated your ability to interact with a very diverse audience, military officers and diplomats intermixed with New Yorkers and visiting tourists from all over, and still keep your material fresh, clever and relevant to everyone.
People who’ve made a career out of slogging through mud while under fire aren’t going to be offended by dirty words, but they still marveled at your friendly and professional ability to rock the room without the use of foul language or vulgar content. I would recommend you to any group seeking entertainment.”
Jiyul Kim
Colonel, U.S. Army
Director of Asian Studies
U.S. Army War College


See why our comedians have been praised by four Tonight Show hosts- take a look at some of us on stage.

Clean corporate comedian Shaun Eli on stage at the Emelin Theatre in Mamaroneck, NY as the audience applauds
Comedian Shaun Eli on stage at the Emelin Theatre

More than just clean comedy, Ivy Stand-up offers several features not available anywhere else- ask for details.


Let’s get started. To reserve a date or to ask questions, call, text or email:
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