Comedians for Attorneys
Clean Corporate Stand-up Comedians for Law Firm Summer Associate Program Entertainment, Client Events, CLE Seminars, Lawyer & Staff Entertainment

The Ivy League of Comedysm— America’s top clean comedians (many of whom are former attorneys)- will ensure that the entertainment for your event runs perfectly. Top law firms and event planners love our stand-up comics and praise their professionalism, on and off stage.

Stand-up comedy makes for a great, fun evening (or afternoon) you and your clients will love.
Year after year.

Clean stand-up comedian Shaun Eli on stage at a New York theatre, smiling down at the audience
Comedian Shaun Eli on stage at a New York theatre

Studies have shown that people value experiences more than we value possessions. The pleasure we get from buying something new wears off very quickly but pleasurable experiences live on in our memory. A comedy show is a great, fun experience!

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We work with a select group of hand-picked professional comedians. From four Tonight Show hosts to patients & their families at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center to international banks and top law firms to embassies and even the U.S. Army War College— they’ve all loved our comedians! And so will you, your attorneys, clients, support staff,  summer associates & guests. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, creativity, originality and worry-free content. We even have jokes praising attorneys and the profession of law. Who else does?

Shaun Eli posing at Broadway Comedy Club
Shaun Eli during a photo shoot for The New York Times

We’re ready to answer all your questions and help you plan the perfect fun evening for your partners, associates, summer associates, staff, clients, potential clients and guests, continuing legal education seminar or NYCRA event.

Ivy Stand-up: The Ivy League of Comedysm is run by a Wharton-educated, award-winning economist turned comedian. Call or write for information on how The Ivy League of Comedysm can help you strengthen your bonds with your clients, enhance your special event and use entertainment to add more fun to the practice of law.

The Ivy League of Comedysm
We make lawyers laugh

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pro attorney stand-up comedy from The Grand Opera House #legalcomedy #attorneyjokes

Additional information on hiring comedians for events
(the guide is targeted for non-profits but it’s also applicable to events for law firms and other partnerships)

Read the NJ Lawyer Magazine article on attorneys who became comedians:
From Justice to Laughter

Click here to play the narrated version of the article “From Justice to Laughter” from New Jersey Lawyer Magazine

Invest in your happiness! Have a comedy showsm

Let’s get started. Let a Wharton-educated stand-up comedian help guide you and make your event everything you deserve! Even if you’re not sure what type of event you want feel free to call or email me with any general questions you might have. I want every event to go great, even those I’m not involved with. Good events are good for everybody’s business… theirs, yours and mine.
Advice is free
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We make them laugh, you get all the credit!sm

For more information or to reserve a date call, text or email:
Shaun Eli Breidbart

Comedian & Executive Director
The Ivy League of Comedysm
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