For comics seeking spots with
The Ivy League of Comedy
Liberty Comedy

The Ivy League of Comedy presents clean shows at many different types of venues, public and private.

The spots require clean sets, with various degrees of clean depending upon the venue- what is acceptable at a country club may not be appropriate for a house of worship (and various houses of worship have different standards for what they find acceptable).

These are paid spots and are available to full-time working comics (acting and/or comedy writing in addition to stand-up is fine, but if you’re a dentist or accountant looking to moonlight, sorry, I have to stick with full-time comics for The Ivy League of Comedy shows).

Liberty Comedy also presents shows at several different venues. Material may not have to be clean but it shouldn’t be offensive or over-the-top vulgar/dirty/graphic.

These are also paid spots, commensurate with your experience and credits (this is the polite way of saying it may be NYC weekday spot pay for an out-of-town weekend spot, or it may be way better, depending on experience and credits).

For either group the most important factors I look for in booking comics are:

Consistently Funny of course


I need comics to show up on time, every time, and to be nice to clients, on and off stage. And to ask me any questions they might have.

(by way of example, it’s not uncommon for someone seemingly in charge at a venue to say “Sure it’s okay to be a little dirty, we’re all adults here” but that may not be my deal with the venue nor what the audience has been told- and it’s also not someone-seemingly-in-charge’s decision to make)

I prefer comics who are comfortable working with the media because getting press means more audience for shows. I may ask you to be interviewed- which means being as prepared for a press interview as you are for the stage.


(I know, it doesn’t prove you’re funny but it does help sell venues on shows, helps venues sell tickets and also helps with press)

Please note- I’m interested in stand-up credits because I book stand-up comedy shows. If you were in a sketch on TV please don’t imply it was a stand-up spot. Similarly I’m interested in clubs you’ve performed at ONLY if you’re passed for paid spots/a paid regular. If you did a bringer show at a club please don’t list it as a credit (and if you don’t know why I’m saying this you’re probably not ready for paid spots).

Similarly, if you say you “Opened for” someone famous that should mean that you were hired by that comic (or a club) TO OPEN FOR that comic. Going on before Jerry Seinfeld’s guest spot doesn’t mean you opened for him. It means you were in the same club the same night. That’s called a coincidence, not being an opener.

But if you’re a staff writer for a TV comedy show heck yeah tell me about it. To me that’s relevant as a credit.

(TV credits aren’t necessary for the Liberty Comedy spots but it’s still helpful)


Do you have a website? Is your performance schedule listed and up-to-date? Do you have a way for fans to sign up to find out about your shows, watch videos, maybe see/hear/read some of your jokes? Do you have an email list?

(Look at it from my point-of-view: If you’re not willing to put the effort into marketing yourself and promoting your shows, why should I? I’m not asking you to stand in the rain handing out flyers or to guarantee your fans will show up, just that you care enough about your career to put in some effort.)

Here’s how to go about asking for spots: Email. Shaun (at)

Email, please, not a facebook or linkedin message, not a big envelope mailed to me.

Include a link to video (if you have some reason for avoiding putting video on the web email me and we’ll discuss other options but note that youtube does have an option for private video).

Video should be at least ten minutes (or a late-night TV set) and unedited.

I’d also like to see a bio/list of credits/resume. If you have no credits that’s not a deal-breaker for the Liberty Comedy shows; everybody starts out with zero. But you should still try to have a bio.

You need to have at least one hi-res professional headshot (not one taken by your friend- people can tell the difference).

If you have great press that’s nice; it shows you know how to work with the media.

A reference from a comedian I already work with is helpful.


I do try to get back to everyone. Please don’t be disappointed if my response starts with the word “Sorry.” I can’t book everyone and there are a lot of very talented comedians. The comedians in my shows average well over twenty years of performing experience. I have eighteen and I’m probably the newest comic I work with (this is for The Ivy League of Comedy; for Liberty Comedy there may be comics with less experience doing shorter sets).


Shaun Eli Breidbart