Our technical requirements are pretty simple.

One microphone per comedian (if it’s just one comedian then one microphone plus a back-up mic just off stage). We don’t need all the microphones for the main performances- but if we all take the stage at the end for Q&A it’s better if we each have a mic.
Note- we don’t need a mic for the audience as we just have them shout out questions. It’s awkward and time-consuming to have someone running into the audience to hand out a mic to speak into.

We slightly prefer wired mics but wireless is fine. NOT a mic stuck to a lectern and not a lavalier mic unless it’s a solo show and you’ve cleared it with us days in advance of the show.

Please make sure that wireless mics are fully charged before the show and that you’ve told me how to turn on any back-up wireless mics.

If you’re using wired mics I would like to put my audio recorder in-line with the mic. I have a splitter to split the mic output- one side goes to my recorder on stage and the other to your sound board. I have an extra XLR cable to bring. If you have only wireless mics I’d like to plug my recorder into your sound board.

One mic stand on stage is sufficient.

Lighting- a standard stage wash light is fine. So is a follow spot (we’re not asking for it but some venues have students who want the experience, and putting a follow spot on a comedian is pretty basic). House lights at 10% or off for the show. Sometimes if I plan to talk to the audience at the start of the show I’ll ask for 25%, then off once I launch into material which would be pretty obvious. Back up to 25% or more for the Q&A.

A flat-topped stool on stage. Not one with padding, we need it flat for a bottle of water.

We don’t need intro music but you’re welcome to play music before the show. I prefer classic rock or classical music but anything that’s not too loud and won’t offend the audience is fine with me.

We may ask for a table near the exit to sell merch or ask people to sign up for our email list (we might also do this from the stage, depending on the venue layout).



Two bottles of water per comedian, plus a reasonable meal. What most venues do is to provide us with a few menus. We’ll select one place to order from and let you know what we’d like. If you want to send me links to menus then we can choose a day before the show and let you know our order.

Some comedians have food preferences or allergies. I’m not going to post other people’s information here, but if it’s just me in the show I’m happy to tell you what I like/don’t like:
I don’t eat chicken, pork or ground beef. Or anything messy (like pizza or pasta with sauce) before a show. If you’re getting a deli platter, roast beef, turkey, pastrami or corned beef (or those sandwiches or wraps) is fine for me. Mustard, not mayo.