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All the comedians from The Ivy League of Comedy are happy to visit TX- here are three hilarious comedians who have toured the state together and make a great show either individually or all together. A show with Joe, Carmen and Shaun together offers great variety in topics, background, energy and point of view. Questions? Ask us- advice is free!

You’ve seen us on TV! These are just some of the many great comedians available for clean Texas stand-up comedy shows. A more comprehensive list of comedians is here. Also great for Theatres and Performing Arts Centers, Team-building Exercises & Off-sites, Government & Military Groups, Fraternal & Service Organizations, Alumni Groups, Law Firms, Awards Dinners and even Private Parties. Surprisingly affordable.

Everything’s bigger in Texas, even the comedy! Book us and we’ll show you. Houston, we know how to make you laugh. Dallas, you as well. Austin’s got a great comedy scene and we’re happy to come make it bigger with our clean stand-up comedians. Ft. Worth or San Antonio, you may be tough but we’re funny!

Joe Larson sitting downJoe Larson

Joe Larson, son of a working comedian, started comedy at an early age and has always had a knack for making light of any situation. At 20 he really began to seriously pursue stand-up, comedy acting and improv as a potential career when he was chosen “College Comedian of the Year” at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival. Then the Seattle born and raised Comedian decided he didn’t have enough traffic, smog, and pastrami in his life so he moved to New York City. “I realized that my dream of being the first person on the cover of ‘O Magazine’ other than Oprah wasn’t going to happen on its own.”

Working the comedy circuit on the east coast, Larson found early success. He was nominated “Best Up-And-Coming Comedian” at the NYC MAC Awards, and was a finalist in both the prestigious Johnny Carson Great American Comedy Festival and the well respected Boston Comedy Festival. And a perk of being in New York: He is in a serious relationship with his girlfriend… they’re married. “She proposed to me” he explains…. “At a romantic candlelight dinner she looked me in the eye, held my hands in hers and said, ‘Joe, I’m pregnant.’”

Parenting has given his comedy a whole new spin. His popular blog, “Man with A Baby” is read and enjoyed by many, and online sketch comedy pieces with “Grandma’s Favorite” are a Youtube favorite. If you haven’t see him killin’ it on stage, you might have heard Joe on the nationally syndicated “The Bob & Tom Show”. .. or seen him in television appearances on The Tonight Show’s Laugh Squad, “Laughs” on FOX, Gotham Comedy Live, and on the Speed Channel. He’s even had the time to fit in an appearance on the film, “Stand-Up 360”.

Joe Larson has an irreverent, intelligent style that gets to appeals to… well… everybody. He says it’s because he just doesn’t care. The only things he cares about are his wife, his child, his hometown, his new town, his mother, his father, his audience and most importantly making people laugh. From a colleges to comedy clubs, Joe has been funny everywhere. And he will do his damnedest to continue entertaining the masses.

Joe Larson on Gotham Comedy Live

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Comedian Shaun Eli drinking ChampagneShaun Eli

Stand-up comedian Shaun Eli has rightfully been called one of America’s smartest comics. Whether it’s a story about dining with a vegetarian or successfully fighting a parking ticket, master storyteller Shaun Eli shows you that there’s hilarity in the ordinary if you approach life with a comedic warp. Job interviews? Serving on a NYC criminal jury? How about the Ten Commandments? For just about anything he’s experienced Shaun has a hilarious story at the ready. He has positive jokes about Texas from doing shows in Kerrville (Hill Country) and looks forward to re-visiting Dallas, Ft. Worth and Houston, and also to visiting Austin.

Clean Corporate Comedian vs Google. A Wharton-educated comic takes on the world's most powerful corp

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Book Carmen Lynch for your next comedy night (photo of the comedian)

Carmen Lynch

Comedian Carmen Lynch grew up in Virginia & Spain and performs in both English and Spanish.
Carmen Lynch is a NYC-based comedian who has appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and twice on The Late Show with David Letterman. She’s been a semi-finalist on Last Comic Standing and has performed several times for the troops in Iraq and Kuwait.

Carmen Lynch on The Late Show with David Letterman

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